Food Technology (329)

Paper I Principles of the food processing & preservation (33)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01.Scope of food processing in India with National and International perspective Click here
2 M-02.Historical developments in food processing Click here
3 M-03.Food deterioration and control Click here
4 M-04.Principles of food processing and preservation Click here
5 M-05.Heat preservation and processing Click here
6 M-06.Thermal Death Time Curves Click here
7 M-07.Modes of heat transfer, determining process time and process lethality Click here
8 M-08. General principles of canning and bottling of foods Click here
9 M-09. Canning and bottling of different food products Click here
10 M-10.Retort Processing of Food Click here
11 M-11. Aseptic processing & packaging Click here
12 M-12. Low Temperature Preservation and Processing Click here
13 M-16. Food drying & dehydration Click here
14 M-17.Dehydrofreezing (X) Click here
15 M-18. Principles underlying the preparation of intermediate moisture foods Click here
16 M-19. Principle of processing by baking and frying Click here
17 M-20. Roasting and smoking of foods Click here
18 M-21. Food Fermentation Click here
19 M-22.Preservation of foods by freezing Click here
20 M-23. Processing & Preservation By Non-Thermal Methods Click here
21 M-24. Food Irradiation Click here
22 M-25. High Hydrostatic Pressure Technology Click here
23 M-26.Pulsed electric field technology Click here
24 M-27. Hurdle Technology Click here
25 M-28. Enzymes qs preservation qids Click here
26 M-29. Food Extrusion Click here
27 M-30. Preservation of Food using Bacteriocins Click here
28 M-31. Preservation of foods by pulsed light technology Click here
29 M-32. Controlled atmosphere storage and modified atmosphere storage packaging Click here
30 M-33.Chemical Preservation in food processing Click here
31 M-34. Membrane processing in food processing Click here
32 M-35.Effect of lonizing radiations on food nutrients Click here

Paper II Unit operations in food processing (21)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 Drying 1: theory of drying Click here
2 Drying 2: drying rate Click here
3 M-01.Introduction to unit operations and processes Click here
4 M-02.Dimensional analysis and similarity Click here
5 M-03.Introduction to material and energy balance Click here
6 M-04.Fundamentals of fluid flow theory Click here
7 M-05.Heat transfer 1: heat conduction Click here
8 M-06.Heat transfer 2: heat convection Click here
9 M-07.Heat transfer 3: heat radiation Click here
10 M-08.Principles of heat exchangers Click here
11 M-09.Heat transfer application 3: pasteurization, sterilization, UHT processing Click here
12 M-10.Principles of refrigeration Click here
13 M-11.Introduction to psychrometry Click here
14 M-12.Evaporation Click here
15 M-13.Dryers used in food industry Click here
16 M-14.Membrane separation: introduction Click here
17 M-15.Membrane processing: reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration Click here
18 M-16.Mechanical separation-1 centrifugal separation Click here
19 M-17.Mechanical separation-2 filtration Click here
20 M-18.Size Reduction-1: grinding Click here
21 M-19.Size reduction-2: emulsification and homogenization Click here