Pharmaceutical Science (215)

Paper I Product development Part 1 (35)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development Click here
2 M-02. Preformulation: Part 1 Click here
3 M-03. Preformulation: Part 2 Click here
4 M-04. Preformulation: Part 3 Click here
5 M-05. Preformulation: Part 4 Click here
6 M-06. Mixing Technology Click here
7 M-07. Milling Technology Click here
8 M-08. Drying Technology Click here
9 M-09. Filtration Technology Click here
10 M-10. Granulation Technology Click here
11 M-11. Compaction Technology Click here
12 M-12. Tablet Coating Technology Click here
13 M-13. Microencapsulation Technology Click here
14 M-14. General Considerations of Excipients Click here
15 M-15. Excipients for Solid dosage form Click here
16 M-16. Excipients for Liquid dosage form Click here
17 M-17. Excipients for Semi-solid dosage form Click here
18 M-18. Polymers as excipients for Novel drug delivery application: Part 1 Click here
19 M-19. Polymers as excipients for Novel drug delivery application: Part 2 Click here
20 M-20. Lipids as excipients for Novel drug delivery application Click here
21 M-21. Introduction to Dosage form Click here
22 M-22. Tablet Part 1: Tablet Design and formulation Click here
23 M-23. Tablet Part 2: Tablet Manufacturing Click here
24 M-24.Tablet Part 3: Tablet Evaluation and Processing Problems Click here
25 M-25.Capsule Part 1: Soft Capsules Click here
26 M-26.Capsule Part 2: Hard Capsules Click here
27 M-27.Monophasic liquids: raw material Click here
28 M-28.Monophasic Liquids Part 1: General consideration Click here
29 M-29.Monophasic Liquids Part 2: Formulation considerations Click here
30 M-30.Monophasic Liquids Part 3: Manufacturing considerations Click here
31 M-31.Suspension Part 1 Click here
32 M-32.Suspension Part 2 Click here
33 M-33.Emulsion Part 1 Click here
34 M-34.Emulsion Part 2 Click here
35 M-35.Ophthalmic drug delivery Click here

Paper II Product development Part 2 (35)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01.Drug Discovery and Development Click here
2 M-02. Introduction to topical drug delivery Click here
3 M-03.Semisolids Part 1: Formulation consideration Click here
4 M-04.Semisolids Part 2: Manufacturing consideration Click here
5 M-05.Suppositories and Pessaries: Part 1: Introduction Click here
6 M-06.Suppositories and Pessaries: Part 2: Formulation and Manufacturing Click here
7 M-07.Mucosal drug delivery Part 1 Click here
8 M-08.Mucosal drug delivery Part 2 Click here
9 M-09.Introduction to Pulmonary Drug Delivery Click here
10 M-10.Pharmaceutical Aerosol Part 1: Formulation Click here
11 M-11.Pharmaceutical Aerosol Part 2: Manufacturing Click here
12 M-12.Pharmaceutical Aerosol Part 3: Quality control Click here
13 M-13.Parenteral Part 1: Formulation Click here
14 M-14.Parenteral Part 2: Production Click here
15 M-15.Ophthalmic drug delivery Click here
16 M-16.Good Manufacturing Practice Click here
17 M-17.Pharmaceutical Statistics Click here
18 M-18.Pharmaceutical Validation Part 1 Click here
19 M-19.Pharmaceutical Validation Part 2 Click here
20 M-20.Quality by Design in Product Development Click here
21 M-21.Product Evaluation Part 1: Stability Testing Click here
22 M-22.Product Evaluation Part 2: In vitro testing Click here
23 M-23.Product Evaluation Part 3: Ex-vivo Testing Click here
24 M-24.Product Evaluation Part 4: In vivo Testing Click here
25 M-25.Product Evaluation Part 5: In vivo Testing Click here
26 M-26.Bioequivalence and Bioavailability Testing Click here
27 M-27.BCS classification and Biowaivers Click here
28 M-28.Clinical Trial Part 1 Click here
29 M-29.Clinical Trial Part 2 Click here
30 M-30.Clinical Trial Part 3 Click here
31 M-31.Clinical Trial Part 4 Click here
32 M-32.Overview of Drug Regulatory Affairs Click here
33 M-33.Drug Approval Procedures Click here
34 M-34.Abbreviated New Drug Application Click here
35 M-35.Intellectual property rights and industrial innovation Click here

Paper III Controlled Release drug delivery system (38)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01.Introduction to Controlled Release drug delivery system Click here
2 M-02.Factors affecting fabrication of CDDS Click here
3 M-03.Types of controlled release systems Click here
4 M-04.Continuous release systems Click here
5 M-05.Types of Oral controlled release devices Click here
6 M-06.Introduction to Mucoadhesive drug delivery Click here
7 M-07.Factors affecting mucoadhesion and evaluation techniques Click here
8 M-08.Routes of mucoadhesive drug delivery I Click here
9 M-09.a.Routes of mucoadhesive drug delivery III Click here
10 M-09.b.Routes of mucoadhesive drug delivery III Click here
11 M-10.Introduction to Osmotic drug delivery Click here
12 M-11.Implantable and oral osmotic pumps Click here
13 M-12.Specialized osmotic pumps Click here
14 M-13.Introduction to parenteral drug delivery Click here
15 M-14.Injectable drug delivery system Click here
16 M-15.Implants and depots Click here
17 M-16.Infusion devices Click here
18 M-17.Introduction to subdermal drug delivery Click here
19 M-18.Polymeric implants Click here
20 M-19.Implantable pumps and applications Click here
21 M-20.Introduction to Transdermal drug delivery Click here
22 M-21.Types, formulation and evaluation of transdermal delivery system Click here
23 M-22.Techniques of enhancing skin permeation Click here
24 M-23.Advances in Transdermal drug delivery systems Click here
25 M-24.Introduction to ocular drug delivery Click here
26 M-25.Intraocular drug delivery Click here
27 M-26.a.Advances in ocular drug delivery systems -I Click here
28 M-26.b.Advances in ocular drug delivery systems -II Click here
29 M-27.Introduction to nasal drug delivery Click here
30 M-28.Nasal transport route and mechanism Click here
31 M-29.Nasal drug delivery systems Click here
32 M-30.Barriers to nasal absorption Click here
33 M-31.Nasal delivery of polar drugs Click here
34 M-32.Nasal delivery of vaccines Click here
35 M-33.Nose to brain delivery of drugs Click here
36 M-34.Introduction to pulmonary drug delivery Click here
37 M-35.Introduction to pulmonary drug delivery 2 Click here
38 M-36.Evaluation and applications of pulmonary delivery system Click here

Paper IV Novel Drug Delivery Systems II (37)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01.Introduction to Colloidal and Supramolecular Drug Delivery System Click here
2 M-02.Materials for colloidal drug delivery systems Click here
3 M-03.Characterization of colloidal carrier system Click here
4 M-04.Applications of colloidal carrier system Click here
5 M-05.Niosomes:Introduction to niosomes Click here
6 M-06.Niosomes Click here
7 M-07.Niosomes: Modifications and application Click here
8 M-08.Nanoerythrosomes Click here
9 M-09.Nanoerythrosomes: Preparation and Characterization Click here
10 M-10.Pharmacosomes Click here
11 M-11.Introduction to Liposomes Click here
12 M-12.Preparation of Liposomes Click here
13 M-13.Characterization and Applications of Liposomes Click here
14 M-14.Introduction to Nanoparticles Click here
15 M-15.Preparation of Nanoparticles Click here
16 M-16.Preparation of Nanoparticles Click here
17 M-17.Characterization, Applications & Recent Advancement Of Nanoparticles Click here
18 M-18.Introduction ofMultiple Emulsions Click here
19 M-19.Methodology and Basic Preparatory aspects of Multiple Emulsions Click here
20 M-20.Characterization,stability and applications of Multiple Emulsions Click here
21 M-21.Introduction to Microemulsion Click here
22 M-22.Components and methods of preparation of Microemulions Click here
23 M-23.Ratio Optimizat ion of different components for microemulsion Click here
24 M-24.Phase behavior and characterization of microemulsion Click here
25 M-25.Pharmaceutical Applications of microemulsion Click here
26 M-26.Targeted Drug Delivery System-I Click here
27 M-27.Targeted Drug Delivery System-II Click here
28 M-28.Targeted Drug Delivery System-III Click here
29 M-29.Introduction , Types, building block material Click here
30 M-30. Preparation of Microspheres Click here
31 M-31. Characterization of Microspheres Click here
32 M-32.Basics of Proteins and Proteins Architecture Click here
33 M-33.Challenges in the effective delivery of protein and peptide Click here
34 M-34.Challenges related to peroral delivery of peptides/proteins Click here
35 M-35.Introduction to Herbal Medicines Click here
36 M-36.Quality Control of Herbal Products Click here
37 M-37.Herbal Drug Formulations Click here

Paper V Cosmetics (35)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01.Introduction of Cosmetics Click here
2 M-02.Fundamentals of Cosmetics Click here
3 M-03.Cosmetic Chemistry Click here
4 M-04.Raw materials used for Cosmetic preparations Click here
5 M-05.Excipients & their applications in cosmetics. Click here
6 M-06.Applications of Surfactants in cosmetics Click here
7 M-07.Applications of polymers in cosmetics Click here
8 M-08.Rheological aspects of cosmetic products Click here
9 M-09.Herbals in cosmetic products Click here
10 M-10.Cosmetics Containers Click here
11 M-11.Legal Aspects of cosmetic products Click here
12 M-12.Basics in cosmetics Click here
13 M-13.Hair Care Products Click here
14 M-14.Skin Care Product Click here
15 M-15.Herbal cosmetics for skin Click here
16 M-16.Lip Care Products Click here
17 M-17.Shaving Products and After Shave preparations Click here
18 M-18.Antiperspirants and deodorants Click here
19 M-19.Nail products Click here
20 M-20.Face Cosmetics Click here
21 M-21.Speciality cosmetic products Click here
22 M-22.Novel technologies in cosmetic products Click here
23 M-23.Stability of cosmetic products Click here
24 M-24.Evaluation and Q& C of Cosmetic Products Click here
25 M-25.Marketing & Advertising of cosmetic products Click here
26 M-26.Dental Products Click here
27 M-27.Eye make up product Click here
28 M-28.Eye make up product Click here
29 M-29.Medicated Cosmetics Click here
30 M-30.Baby care products Click here
31 M-31.Mask and Scrubs for Face And Body Click here
32 M-32.Hair removal Products Click here
33 M-33.Hair Styling Products Click here
34 M-34.In vitro testing of cosmetics for safety Click here
35 M-35.Feminine Hygiene Products Click here


S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Introduction to Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics Click here
2 M-02. Fundamentals of Absorption Click here
3 M-03. Drug Absorption and Transport Click here
4 M-04. Physico Chemical Factors affecting drug absorption Click here
5 M-05. Pharmaceutical factors affecting drug absorption Click here
6 M-06. Biological Factors Affecting Drug Absorption Click here
7 M-07. Drug Distribution Click here
8 M-08. Protein Binding of Drugs Click here
9 M-09. Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Click here
10 M-10. Principles of Pharmacokinetics Click here
11 M-11. One Compartment Open Model Click here
12 M-12. Quantitative estimation of urinary excretion Click here
13 M-13. Two Compartment Open Model Click here
14 M-14. Physiologic Pharmacokinetic models Click here
15 M-15. Clearance Concept Click here
16 M-16. Non-Linear Pharmacokinetics Click here
17 M-17. Drug Transporters Click here
18 M-18. Biotransformation of drugs Click here
19 M-19. Multiple Dosage Regimen Click here
20 M-20. Dose adjustment in renal and hepatic failure Click here
21 M-21. Clinical Pharmacokinetics & its Applications Click here
22 M-22. Solubility and Drug Dissolution Click here
23 M-23. In Vitro-In Vivo correlation Click here
24 M-24. Routes of drug administration Click here
25 M-25. Pharmacokinetics basic consideration-Oral Sustained and controlled drug delivery Click here
26 M-26. Drug Interactions Click here
27 M-27. Development of Biopharmaceuticals using Cell Culture Technique Click here
28 M-28. Clinical Trials of Biopharmaceuticals Click here
29 M-30. Drug Concentration and Therapeutic Response Click here
30 M-31. Bioanalysis Click here
31 M-32. Toxicokinetics Click here
32 M-33. Prodrugs Click here
33 M-34. Drug Delivery Systems for Biopharmaceuticals Click here
34 M-35. In vivo fate of drugs Click here