Physical Education, Sports and Health Education (37)

Paper I Exercise physiology (4)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-1.3. System physiology Click here
2 M-5.1. Mechanism of Body Temperature Regulation in rest and exercise Click here
3 M-5.2.Response to exercise: Hot and Humid environment Click here
4 M-5.3.Exercise Performance: Cold environment Click here

PAPER II Officiating and coaching I- in football and track and field (1)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-2.1. Fundamental skills in football Click here

PAPER III Officiating and coaching in football (15)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01.Origin and development of Football Click here
2 M-02.Various Football tournaments Click here
3 M-03.Fundamentals Skills in footbal Click here
4 M-04.Stages of Technique training Click here
5 M-05.Specific exercises for each skill Click here
6 M-06.Philosophy of coaching Click here
7 M-07.Code of ethics for coaches Click here
8 M-08.Defensive tactics Click here
9 M-09.Principles of Attack Click here
10 M-10.Preparation of annual coaching plan Pt1 Click here
11 M-11.Preparation of annual coaching plan Pt2 Click here
12 M-12.Rules of Football Pt1 Click here
13 M-13.Rules of Football Pt2 Click here
14 M-14.Evaluation of skills of the players Click here
15 M-15. Status of Coaching in India Click here

PAPER IV Athlete care and rehabilitation (15)

S.No. Title Downloads
1 M-01. Safety Appliances in Sports and their uses Click here
2 M-02.Principles of Safety Education Click here
3 M-06.Meaning and concept of rehabilitation Click here
4 M-07.Principles of athletic care and rehabilitation Click here
5 M-11. Meaning and Types of Therapeutic Modalities Click here
6 M-12.Conductive Thermal Modalities Click here
7 M-13.Diathermy Click here
8 M-14.Therapeutic Ultrasound Click here
9 M-16.Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Click here
10 M-26.Introduction and classification of therapeutic exercise Click here
11 M-27.Effects and Uses of Therapeutic Exercise Click here
12 M-31.Introduction to Massage Therapy Click here
13 M-32.Techniques of Massage Click here
14 M-33.Effects of Massage Click here
15 M-34.Use and Contraindications of Massage Click here